Hero Cycles’ new electric pedal assist Lectro Renew is for adventure seekers, but will hardcore enthusiasts accept this new expensive technology?

Obesity is an epidemic that has been on a sharp rise and if it continues at this rate then it won’t be too long when we will be sharing the podium with USA and China. All is not doom and gloom as there has also been a new trend rising for the last couple of years — cycling — especially the high-end cycle market. Hero Cycles have added a bit of twist by launching an electric pedal assisted cycle, the Lectro Renew, which can be used for off-roading or cycling on sandy beaches.

The first time we saw the Lectro Renew, two things stood out — the massive tyres and lithium ion battery on the frame. The Renew certainly is quite a brawny looking cycle and did manage to intimidate us.

The 48V battery provides a range of 50km if it is charged for 4-5 hours. The motor attached to the rear wheel builds the momentum while pedaling. There is a catch here. The cycle will not get assistance from the motor if it goes over 25km/h. The only major issue we had with the cycle was its 26-inch tyres, which were too bulky for your everyday cycling in the city. Also, the Renew has some weighty issues, 31.6kg to be exact.

So, what is the advantage of having a motor and a torque sensor cycle? The torque sensor ensures that you pedal faster and effortlessly by giving us a helping hand when we are going uphill or we need to accelerate. Unlike e-bikes, the Renew is more like a traditional cycle, where you can decide the speed of the cycle based on your pedaling strength. To maintain decent speed, the Renew is equipped with 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur gears.

The Renew is one expensive cycle and it takes time getting use to the pedal assistance system. It also comes with an LCD display, which lets you control the intensity of the LED headlamp. And, it is equipped with 160mm brakes. So, will adventure seekers out there allow technology to assist their pedaling power and make life a little bit easier? The idea is very good, but we aren’t too sure if it will turn them into believers because Rs. 83,050 is a lot of money and at that price one can opt for a professional cycle.

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