Ghost Recon: Wildlands recreates a trigger happy and dope dealing Bolivia with spellbinding graphics that keeps you glued to the screen.

Tom Clancy’s runaway hit gaming franchise, the Ghost Recon, marks its return after a gap of five years with Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The storyline is a clichéd one. Yes, you are a stranger in a lawless land, this time in Bolivia, and you have to take down infamous El Sueño’s drug cartel. Bottom line is that Ghost Recon is not about the storyline, but the gameplay.

To kick things off, Wildlands is one extensive open world game. If you thought Grand Theft Auto 5 was the mother of all open world games, then this is even bigger, if not the biggest currently. The game developer, Ubisoft, has managed to get the environment spot on whether it’s the mountains, jungles, swamplands, desert, small rundown towns, salt flats or lakeside resorts. The graphics are so realistic that you feel that Ubisoft has managed to recreate a Bolivia of their own.

Wildlands is not just a beautiful looking game as it also lets you strategize your own fights. You can go the stealth way or go guns blazing and chuck grenades at anything that moves. You can also decide who you want to attack – the drug cartel or the corrupt Army. This latest installment from Ghost Recon gives you an option to play solo with three artificial intelligence team mates or opt for online multiplayer option. Starting with single player mode, your three AI mates are good in sight-shoot-kill and more importantly revive you when you on the verge of dying, but if you’re expecting tactical guidance and inputs from them then sadly you’ll be disappointed. Multiplayer mode, on the other hand, can be quite fun and challenging as your mate and you can simultaneously take up different missions or can work together on one mission. You can either partner up with your friends or the computer chooses players based on similar playing styles, similar objectives or level.

Another ace in the game is customisation of armoury as you can change the barrel, scopes, grips, triggers, you name it and it can be changed. You can choose machine guns according to the recoil that works for you, it’s that in-depth. I almost forgot, you can also change to the colour of the weapon.

No doubt the open world is very impressive. Apart from shooting down the enemy, you also get to drive a jeep in the forest or ride a bike in the desert. It is a must buy if you are a Ghost Recon fan or if you love shooting games.

Editor's Rating
7.53/10 Overall Rating
  • Graphics 8.3
  • Gameplay 6.0
  • Strategy 8.3
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