Over the past few weeks, Google has updated its Search in three ways and today in a blog post, the company has explained these new features that drag users down a search hole.

The new features include featured snippets, improved functionality of knowledge panels, and suggested content as you search for a particular topic. All these features allow users to widen their search outside of the information they originally intended to search.

Featured Snippets that are algorithmically generated snapshots of what's available on the web will now include images and related searches inside select Featured Snippets to help you provide quick, relevant answers for your queries, or to discover new things related to your interest.

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The updated Knowledge Panels in Search now shows related content. For example, if you are searching for skiing, Knowledge panel will now also surface other snow-related searches for sports such as snowboarding directly inside the result.

And finally, Google will now pop up additional search suggestions but it looks like Google will automatically analyse the topic you're researching. So, if you look up Neymar followed by a search for Messi, you’ll see suggestions for other related athletes.

In August, Google’s search app on iOS introduced a feature to keep users exploring the web and has included a “related content” section that will appear at the bottom of the web pages you visit while using the Google app.

So, while you are reading a webpage on the Google app for iOS, users will see suggestions for related content when you pull up the bottom of the page – eliminating the need to type anything into the search box.

For example, if you have just finished reading an introductory article about the Mars rover and when you start scrolling back up, the search app will surface additional articles on this topic that may interest you, like upcoming Mars missions or an in-depth story about the rover exploring a gully that might have contained water