Chinese smartphone maker Huawei today announced today the upgraded version of its EMUI 8.0 user interface that runs on the Android Oreo platform and brings artificial intelligence (AI) powered real-time scene and object recognition, smart tips, and an AI accelerated translator.

Based on Android 8.0 Oreo, EMUI 8.0 is successor to EMUI 5.1 and is further packed with features like smart resolution, dynamic wallpaper, navigation bar customisations and more.

“Be it one-hand operation navigation dock, pinned shortcuts, customised themes, private space optimisation, simplified settings, accessibility to recently deleted documents or in general phone management -- EMUI 8.0 all of it into one nifty package, the company said.

The EMUI 8.0 is available on the Honor View 10 and the soon-to-be launched Honor 9 Lite out of the box, and will be available on other devices such as the Honor 8 Pro, Honor 9i, Honor 7X, and Honor 8 Lite in the near future.

With EMUI 8.0 installed, the smartphone can support an intelligent split-screen interface, navigation dock, simplify one-hand operation and smart view on landscape and easy switch. Incorporating features of its predecessor, EMUI 8.0 gives smart tips giving more power to the user for choice-decision making.

“The upgraded EMUI 8.0 is avant-garde technological software which is efficient, secure and above all, user friendly. Eradicating lag, they can witness a faster and smarter phone experience, powered by advanced AI technological features. The update significantly cuts down on the number of steps needed to achieve the desired function through its smart applications like navigation dock and smart screen, and enables the user to reach 90 per cent of the core functions in just a single-click. We have developed the EMUI 8.0 for those who live and work on-the-go," added a Huawei R&D spokesperson.