Google introduced AdWords with a simple goal -- to introduce a faster and more intuitive AdWords experience that's focused on helping you reach your business goals. Starting today, the new AdWords experience is available to all advertisers.

With the new AdWords, you’ll notice that your account pages will load 20 per cent -- so you can quickly get to the information you need and get on with your day. Google has also removed the clutter and made navigation a breeze by adding multiple ad extensions to your campaigns in a single step.

Google has brought in several features like 'Extensions', 'Call bid adjustments' and "Landing pages" in AdWords.

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'Extensions' enhances information such as links, phone numbers or promotions. Globally, with new design and layout, customers like iProspect North have saved 30 per cent more time on average when completing everyday tasks, the company said.

'Call bid adjustments' allow publishers to control how often the call option appears with search ads.

'Landing pages' page to help publishers see how landing pages are performing. On this new page, advertisers will be able to identify which URLs in their account are mobile-friendly, which ones drive the most sales, and which ones may require attention.

The company is also offering easy access to key insights about your customers, like visualisations of the days and hours they are most engaged with your business, eventually helping you take immediate action to drive better results.

The AdWords Help Centre has also been updated with all the latest features. You can also check out the Best Practices guide for recommendations and tips on how to make the most of the new experience.

Launched in 2000, Google AdWords allows businesses to advertise themselves on the search engine. The businesses pay the search engine when people click on these ads.

With over a million advertisers, AdWords, which is based largely on key words, generates tens of billions of revenue for Google.