Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a “demote” feature that will allow one group administrator to remove other group admins without having to delete that person and to later add them as normal participants.

Currently, when an administrator wants to delete a fellow administrator, the person has to first directly remove the specific administrator from the group and then add him or her again.

“The new feature is likely to be called as “Dismiss as admin” and is being trialled for both iOS and Android,” reported WABetaInfo, a site that tests new WhatsApp features.

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The report further added that the new feature will be first available for iOS and will soon rolled ot for Android.

After testing “Reply Privately” feature in group chats in December last year, the company has rolled out the feature built specifically for group conversations acting as a useful shortcut to reply privately when you don't know all of the other members in the group.

The Reply Privately option lives inside the menu bubble that pops up when you tap and hold a message. When you will select Reply Privately, WhatsApp will automatically pop-up a one-on-one chat with the person whose message you want to reply to. And once you had send your reply, their message from the group chat will appear as a quote.

WhatsApp is also experimenting with a picture-in-picture mode for videos sent through the platform. The new picture-in-picture mode will play videos in a floating app directly inside the messaging app. Users will be able to move and resize the window.