Nokia’s 3310 is back. It comes with the same indestructible traits of its erstwhile predecessor while managing to look more modern and in fact rather catchy with some bright colour options. Read the full review below to know what it’s like to use.

Imagine your life without your smartphone, you don’t have to check your e-mail for work, you don’t have social media apps to use up your time when you are out, to actually have a good time. But then you also do not have the convenience of communicating on WhatsApp or the ability to check traffic on google maps. The Nokia 3310 is built to appeal to the nostalgia quotient inside you in reminiscence of the original model from 17 years ago. And on those counts, the phone delivers pound for pound.

The phone feels solid and well-built and you know this isn’t one to break even if you drop it around the house every day. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief in this world of delicate smartphones. Another ace up for the 3310 is that its 1200mAH battery is claimed to have a talk time of 22 hours and standby capability of as much as a month! So, you know you can power through a week without charging the battery. It does come with an android charger so, you won’t have to go hunting for a thin pin charger anymore.

In terms of features, the Nokia 3310 comes with a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash. But as you can imagine, its capabilities are limited and the LED flash doesn’t salvage the situation greatly in low light conditions. The usual features such as radio, calendar, games, Bluetooth, torch light, web browser, audio recorder are all there. The phone comes with 2G internet compatibility that will allow you to check e-mail, get weather updates, etc. But 2G speeds will, of course, require your patience.

The 2.4-inch screen has a lively display and makes it easy to read messages but it does appear to become a bit dim under bright sunlight and you have to turn up the display brightness. And while the keypad is fine on its own, the centre navigation keys are much too fiddly to operate as it’s the outer rim you need to use and end up accidentally pressing the centre menu button.

The Nokia 3310 then is not meant to be a primary device for today’s generation or yesterday’s for that matter. But imagine the versatility you get when you carry one of these while going for expeditions and adventurous getaways to remote places. You do not have to worry about damaging your phone and you need not charge it at all. It can also prove to be a handy device to give to your children to keep in touch with them.

Editor's Rating
6.67/10 Overall Rating
  • Design 8.0
  • Camera 4.0
  • X-Factor 8.0