There have been rumours that the upcoming Apple TV will support high resolution videos, however, an Apple TV that can stream 4K videos will not be really a game changer as rivals Google and Amazon have already launched the 4K media players in the market.

In 2015, Amazon unveiled a 4K Fire TV, Google released a Chromecast with 4K support in 2017. What will really make the difference is the inclusion of high-dynamic range (HDR) and Dolby Vision audio.

In case you are wondering what HDR is, it is not only more pixels on a screen but the technology enhances contrast and colour significantly, meaning bright parts of the image are brighter. Thus, if you have an HDR-compatible TV, the display can render video games and videos with more contrast, more brightness levels and a wider colour gamut.

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Presently, the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One S, supports HDR but as of now it is still difficult to discover movies and TV shows with HDR support.

In May, Apple announced to bring Amazon Prime video app to its Apple TV App Store. The official launch date is not yet confirmed.

According to media reports, Amazon previously declined to even submit a Prime Video app for inclusion in Apple's Apple TV App Store, despite Apple's ‘all are welcome' proclamations.

In January, Apple announced a change in App Store policy increasing the tvOS apps size limit from 200MB to 4GB. With the increased data size, developers can include more media in their submission and provide a complete, rich user experience upon installation.

Also, tvOS apps can use 'On-Demand Resources' to host up to 20GB of additional content on the App Store.