BlueParrot C300-XT Wireless Headset Review

By Anuj Sharma - August 6, 2019
Engineered for providing seamless and great quality call in noisy environment, the BlueParrot C300-XT is designed to block out 80 per cent of the background noise. The headset features IP54-rated desi....

BlueParrot, a wireless headset technology company which is owned by GN Audio (that also owns Jabra), manufactures Bluetooth headsets for loud workplaces, where noise cancellation is of critical importance. The company recently announced B550-XT, B450-XT, C300-XT, C400-XT and S450-XT headsets, that are engineered to deliver smooth communication in high-noise environment by blocking background noise. Here we will take a look at BlueParrot C300-XT. The headset is priced at Rs 15,584.

Design and display

The headset comes with a built-in Parrott Button that can be programmed with the BlueParrott application allowing users to add features as per their needs.  There is VoiceControl for hands-free access and a multipoint pairing to connect the headset with up to 2 devices simultaneously, to ensure increased productivity and uninterrupted communications. The headset features IP54-rated design and comes with 24 hours of talk time along with one-year warranty against damage from water and dust.

The microphone is wrapped in a silicone shell with a foam grille cover. On the right ear piece, there is a black contour that houses a power button, volume plus/minus buttons, and at the top, there's a multifunction button.

The micro-USB charging port is located at the top of the headset. Consumes can use the multifunction button for voice control, as well as to perform push-to-talk communication. The C300-XT comes with five ear tips in various sizes and shapes and two pairs of over-ear silicone links that fasten onto the earpiece if you don't want to wear a headband. BlueParrot claims that it offers over 10 hours of talk time, up to 5 days of standby, and three different wearing styles.


The speaker frequency range of the headset is 20Hz -20KHz and the microphone has a frequency range of 150-6800Hz. BlueParrot claims that the C300-XT can eliminate up to 80 per cent of the background noise, ensuring teams can efficiently communicate, no matter how demanding the environment. When we used the Voice Memos app, wherein we recorded plenty of recordings while speaking against a backdrop of loud audio, the BlueParrot C300-XT did a fantastic job and almost completely removed the noise.

We also tested the headset in close proximity of decently loud music, and while some of the music went into the recording, the levels were extremely low. The audio emanating from the in-ear driver is crisp, clear and easy to understand.

As the C300-XT is targeted towards enterprise users, the headset can be used in extreme temperatures such as -- 10°C to 60°C – another plus for it.


Offering a wideband mic clarity and upto 80% noise cancellation, the BlueParrot C300-XT tops the list of headsets for those working in noisy environment where effective communications is the key.


Great noise cancellation, wideband mic


Bundled wear styles takes time to setup

8/ 10
  • Design 8
  • Audio Quality 9
  • Features 7
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