IMC 2019: Huawei demonstrates ‘5G + AI’ applications to boost Digital India

By Xite - October 14, 2019
Huawei has showcased 5G-powered applications and solutions to help boost Digital India initiative. These applications include 5G + safe city, 5G + smart city, 5G + virtual reality (VR), 5G + airport (....

With an aim to boost the Digital India initiative, Huawei demonstrated a peek into a 5G-enabled future with live 5G use-case applications at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019. Huawei, along with key partners, showcased a variety of 5G-enabled applications in telecommunications sector as well as in other vertical industries. These applications include 5G + safe city, 5G + smart city, 5G + virtual reality (VR), 5G + airport (boarding gate) and 5G + education (smart classroom).

Huawei showcased a deep-dive into end-to-end 5G Ecosystem with networks featuring both front-haul and back-haul best solutions in Powerful, Compact and Green 5G All Scenario Network. Huawei Intelligent Computing's Atlas AI platform is full stack AI solution that enables all-scenario AI infrastructure solutions for device-edge-cloud. It is widely applied in scenarios such as safe city, smart transportation, smart healthcare, and AI inference.

Huawei Enterprise solutions features a host of 5G enabled solutions for Smart City + Transportation + Education:

  • 5G + Smart City 2.0: Huawei’s Smart City Solutions are powered by an Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) that senses, processes, and delivers informed decisions to improve the environment for citizens. The latest Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) helps build the smart city nervous system using real-time situation reporting and analysis, empowered by a combination of cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, big data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • 5G + AI Safe City: Huawei’s Intelligent City Surveillance solutions are equipped with AI-powered cameras and they cover specific detection areas for Intrusion detection, Abandoned Object detection, Stealing/ Missing Object detection, Loitering/ Suspicious movement detection
  • 5G + Smart City-Smart Pole: As part of smart city solution, Huawei’s Smart Pole is an integrated lamp post with multi-functions, including smart lighting, wireless network, video surveillance, billboard, RFID, emergency call, charging pile, etc. Huawei claims that the Smart Pole is ideal for installing 5G equipment.
  • 5G + Smart Transportation (5G Airports): Powered by 5G+AI technologies, this future transportation will address and simplify passenger flow and flight flow scenarios that will assist in seamless travel operations and experience using facial recognition technology for self-service check-in, hierarchical security check, security check, smart navigation, last call, high-class service, in-flight passenger management, self-service boarding, convenient paperless luggage services along with wifi6 based high-speed network services.
  • 5G + Smart Education and Remote Classroom: It implements all services on one campus network and provides VR teaching experience. Solutions such as the Cloudlink Board enables Smart Classrooms facilitating remote interactive teaching and analysis of students behaviour, sharing of resources and improving teaching quality based on the latest technologies such as 5G, IoT, Big Data and AI.
  • Cloud Wi-Fi 6: Huawei Wi-Fi6, which complements 5G coverage for indoor environment, supports 200+ concurrent connections and large throughput. Wi-Fi 6 deployed with 5G together is an ideal solution to create a cost-effective network for handling a wide range of scenarios, including VR, 4K, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).
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