‘Nationalism’ top trend, entertainment and romance drive conversation in 2019: ShareChat

By Xite - December 6, 2019
ShareChat has released its Year End (2019) User Generated Content (UGC) India Trendz Report which shows that ‘Nationalism’ was the top trend in 2019, and entertainment and romance drove conversati....

‘Nationalism’ was the top trend in 2019, entertainment and romance drove conversations, regional social media platform ShareChat has said in its annual Year End (2019) User Generated Content (UGC) India Trendz Report. The report takes into account the online conversations amongst its 60 million monthly active users that are spread across 15 languages currently.

According to the platform, the sense of nationalism came out strong with top moments being seized as the General Elections 2019, Pulwama attack and tribute to martyrs, and Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. Entertainment topped the trend with over 23 per cent users creating/ posting content on the platform this year. Conversation on Romance was also high with over 14 per cent content coming from the genre, the report said.

People showed angst on Pulwama Attack, and celebrated the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan and national events like General Elections. While conversation around Patriotism were maximum on August 15, the platform witnessed highest traffic on February 14 driven by romantic content.

‘The last five years have been a great learning experience and we have grown from zero to 60 million monthly active users, mostly organic way as we truly understand the heart and pulse of every native language user and connect well through our platform,’ said Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer, ShareChat.

The platform also witnessed growth in the number of first time internet users with millions joining ShareChat this year. This growth is attributed to the availability of the social media platform in their regional languages, contributing to user generated content in native languages by over 21 million creators. 

Apart from growth in users, ShareChat also witnessed 450 million UGC in formats spanning images, videos, gifs etc. The platform also saw over 580 million hours of video played on the platform which got more than 14 billion WhatsApp shares in 2019. Everyday, more than 20,000 hours of videos gets uploaded on the platform, with every video averaging about 22 seconds in length.

‘Regional language usage has motivated the UGC behaviour and we could see thousands of micro influencers getting evolved at a grassroot level. Various brands have already started engaging with them on ShareChat to drive hyper personalised brand experiences which are impactful and driving greater results for these brands,’ Kamath added.

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