OnePlus confirms 120Hz Fluid Display, likely to come with OnePlus 8 Series

By Xite - January 13, 2020
OnePlus has announced the company’s newly-minted display with a blazing 120Hz refresh rate. Company CEO Pete Lau says that the new 120Hz Fluid Display will be the best that users will lay their eyes....

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed the arrival of the company’s newly-minted display with a blazing 120Hz refresh rate. Apart from the high refresh rate, the display is equipped with multiple new technologies that will deliver a more refined and smooth viewing experience as compared to the 90Hz display in the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OnePlus 7T Series of smartphones. According to Lau, this will be the best smartphone display in 2020.

Last year, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 7 Pro in the first half, and the OnePlus 7T (Review) & OnePlus 7T Pro in the second half of the year with displays sporting 90Hz refresh rate. OnePlus said that they wanted to deliver the best ‘fast and smooth’ experience possible for its users. The company said that it optimised display panels and minimised power consumption to deliver the world’s first 90Hz Fluid Display with QHD+ resolution.

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‘We believe that the smoothest smartphone display must also be able to deliver a superior visual quality and viewing comfort. We’re sure that OnePlus's new 120Hz Fluid Display will be the best you’ll lay eyes on in 2020,’ Lau said in a statement. The Chinese tech giant says that the new display features the most rigorous hardware configuration in the industry and technologies, including MEMC technology for smoother video playback, a QHD+ resolution, the most accurate color accuracy and 4096-level of automatic brightness control, four times of average android flagships.

Recently, OnePlus showcased the OnePlus Concept One phone with an ‘invisible camera’. The rear panel of the phone has OnePlus logo at the centre and three cameras on the back. The phone uses an electrochromic glass with organic particles that create various tints in colour when subject to an electrical field. When a different voltage is applied, the light transmission properties are altered, allowing the glass to shift back and forth from transparent to translucent, essentially hiding and revealing the triple camera setup on the back.

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