2020 iPhones to have 120Hz refresh rate display

By Xite - July 22, 2019
Apple for its 2020 iPhones is planning big than expected. The company could bring a 120Hz refresh rate in the next year's iPhones that will ensure smooth motions and visual graphics while playing or w....

While 2019 iPhones are still a couple of months away from being launched globally, a rumour about 2020 iPhone models have surfaced on the internet claiming that the next year’s iPhones will have a 120Hz refresh rate display. Currently, the highest refresh rate comes in OnePlus 7 Pro – 90Hz.

Apple would bring a ‘switchable’ 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate screen for its 2020 iPhone, said a popular tipster IceUniverse. For the high refresh rates, Apple is working with Samsung and LG as they have earlier supplied OLED displays for the iPhone XS and XS Max. The switchable 120Hz refresh rate could be based on ProMotion technology that can dynamically scale refresh rates when needed.

The ProMotion technology was also seen in the last year's 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models that offers refresh rates of up to 120Hz. What 120Hz means is that the screen will refreshes 120 times per second, ensuring smoother interactions and experience while scrolling through apps and even offer a fast and seamless gameplay. Additionally, the 2020 iPhones will come with OLED displays and few might also support 5G.

In September, Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 11, which will come with triple cameras at the back, a smaller notch and will run iOS 13. The triple rear camera array consists of a standard wide-angle unit, an ultra-wide angle unit and a telephoto unit. All the three sensors might be 12MP and is said to be developed by Sony. The camera could also include a mode for underwater photography for which Apple has also filed a patent that describes a system that has the ability to automatically adjust the camera settings when the iPhone is underwater.

Additional new features expected to come with this year’s iPhones include increased band connectivity, frosted glass finish, reverse charging, improved Face ID, bigger batteries and a triple camera system.

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