Stars of GPHG 2021


Every year, the GPHG nominates and awards the best in the watchmaking business. So, as the Oscars of the watchmaking world declares its 2021 nominees – all 84 of them – we take a look at five of our favourites.


For their latest 60s inspired collection, Breitling draws inspiration from 3 iconic muscle cars to produce a new, appealing range of timepieces.


For the latest iteration of its Top Time Collection, Breitling draws inspiration from three iconic muscle cars to give it a touch of classic motoring. Although it may not be quite prominent, the relationship between cars and watches has a sense of common cause between the two.


The three latest limited-edition timepieces from the German powerhouse brand


New watches from A. Lange & Söhne are rare occurrences. So, the release of three new editions from the German brand was naturally going to make us curious. We take a look at the three latest limited-edition timepieces from the German powerhouse brand.


Bovet has collaborated with Rolls-Royce to manufacture a pair of unique and exquisite timepieces


For its latest endeavour, Bovet has collaborated with Rolls-Royce to manufacture a pair of unique and exquisite timepieces. In the world of luxury, coach-built Rolls-Royces have long been a hallmark of taste and prestige.


Breitling’s latest collection - the Premier Heritage - redefines the brand’s dress watch line-up


A trio of new watches from Breitling really winds the clock back to the 1940s – a period known for stellar watch designs – and creates a stunning new line-up for the brand. And it seems that our watch expert might be more than a bit smitten by them.


The latest edition of Watches and Wonders produces another set of path-breaking timepieces


Watches and Wonders 2021 once again exhibited many stunning creations from the leading watchmakers in the world. We bring you a selection of our favourite timepieces from this year’s event.


Audemars Piguet introduces a brand-new dial and metal combo in the Royal Oak ‘Jumbo’ collection


The Royal Oak is arguably the most recognizable watch design in the world. So, how do you ‘re-innovate’ a design benchmark? That the Royal Oak collection from Audemars Piguet is a certified design legend has never been in doubt.


Legends Reunite : Tag Heuer and Porsche start a new chapter of the partnership in existence for decades


The latest partnership between the two legendary brands has produced a brand-new limited-edition timepiece, aimed at fans of both Porsche and Tag Heuer. We take a look at what makes the partnership and the timepiece special.


Auction of the watches owned by Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and others


Owning a watch previously owned by a celebrity makes perfect sense to those who participate in the activity of collecting watches. If the celebrity is famous enough, not only you get a high-quality timepiece but also a brag-worthy history of its ownership, which is quite important for collectors.


A couple of beautifully elegant IWCs


The start of 2020 has thrown up some amazing time pieces that have really surprised us. In this issue, we take a look at a couple of beautifully elegant IWCs, as well as a piece full of retro cool and a piece with a masterful dial by Grand Seiko.