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Instagram expands fact-checking globally


The move is an important step in Instagram's ongoing efforts to fight misinformation on its platform. Now, if a content been rated as false or partly false by a third-party fact-checker, Instagram will reduce its distribution by removing it from Explore and hashtag pages.


Instagram announces 'Caption Warning' to curb online bullying


The new feature comes after Instagam has been facing critcism to curb on cyberbullying after a number of high-profile cases has been reported by users. The Caption Warning is rolling out globally.


Twitter to remove inactive accounts starting December 11


If you haven't used Twitter in the last six months, and don't want anyone to grab your username or remove your account, you might want to sign in shortly as Twitter will start removing inactive accounts.


Instagram rolls out ‘Restrict’ feature to stop bullying


The Restrict feature is designed to tacke bullying which has become a complex issue among young people on Instagram that face a disproportionate amount of online bullying but are reluctant to report or block peers who bully them.


Twitter now lets iOS users pin five lists in timeline


The new swipeable pin list feature will give Twitter users more ways to access discussions on what they like most on the platform, which may make it a more engaging, interactive experience.


Facebook announces new video tools, Instagram scheduling feature


With the new announcements, Facebook is offering ways to simulcast live broadcasts, new tools to track video performance and a scheduling option for Instagram/IGTV content for up to six months.


Facebook explains how it uses location data


The new versions of Android and iOS gives people more visibility into and control over when apps can access their device’s precise location. Facebook in a blog post has explained how its app uses location data.

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Phone numbers of over 400 million Facebook users exposed online: Report


In another Facebook slip-up, phone numbers linked to more than 419 million accounts have been found on several databases. Apparently, records of 133 million users from the US, 18 million from the UK, and over 50 million records users from Vietnam have been exposed.


After Instagram, Facebook also testing feature to hide like counts


Social media giant Facebook may soon start hiding likes on a post received in the News Feed. A similar feature has already been tested on Instagram in August. Only the original poster would be able to see the exact number of likes.


Facebook now lets you know which apps are sending data to it


The feature known as Off-Facebook Activity marks a new level of transparency and control, and the company said it will keep improving. The feature lets you see which apps are sending your data to Facebook..