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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review


With the remote-control and wireless-charging, the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a powerful tool for creating and getting things done on the go. The device is also well suited for content consumption.

iBall Slide Brace X1 4G

iBall Slide Brace-X1 4G Tablet Review


With the tablet market declining in India, domestic consumer electronics company iBall has still maintained a strong position in the country when it comes to portable devices. Tapping into the 4G revolution


Kindle Voyage Review


This, literally, is my first voyage with an e-reader! You see, I’m a magazine publisher – i.e. a print publisher – so you can imagine my partiality to the actual printed page. And while the printed page may actually survive this digital revolution, it certainly won’t thrive.


Kindle Wi-Fi Review


The new Kindle Wi-Fi creates a new entry price point for Kindle’s range of e-readers. But does its low cost mean its a compromise compared to the more expensive models? We review one to find out.


Samsung Tab S 705 Review


It is light, smart to look at, and easy to use. These are just a couple of stand-out qualities of the new Samsung T705 Tab. This is basically the Korean giant’s answer to the Apple mini iPad, and we must add it is quite a competitive device.


Kindle Paperwhite Review


We lay our hands on the latest Kindle to hit the market – the Paperwhite. Does the latest device carry on the famous Kindle legacy, and is it enough to entice one to purchase another device purely for book reading?