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Amazon Echo Auto Review


With the power of Alexa, Amazon’s Echo Auto is an affordable way to smarten up your car. Overall, the Echo Auto acts as a voice assistant co-pilot that can make calls, send messages, etc.


Pebble Grip Car Wireless Charger Review


Pebble Grip Car Wireless Charger is only for a niche audience, that is, those who have wireless charging support on their smartphones.  It is a futuristic product, and comes laden with next-generation tech, but it is and does not have much real-world use.

kent cameye

Kent CamEye Review


With demand for car trackers and dash cams rising, Kent has come out with a new product that offers the functions of both in a single device. We test it to find out its capabilities.


BMW 7 Series’ new iDrive System wizardry


The new BMW 7 Series effortlessly merges technology with luxury. It has enough features to put a ‘Bond’ car to shame. While my colleague and I were reviewing the brand new BMW 7 Series


Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Car Air Purifier Review


The WHO goes on to state that New Delhi averages 153 micrograms of small particulates per cubic metre of air. The US Environmental Protection Agency, meanwhile, states that a safe average is in fact closer to 15 micrograms.


Kent Magic Car Air Purifier Review


With air pollution on the rise, having an air purifier inside your car makes a lot of sense. But, with so many new cars already fitted with cabin air filters, does an additional filter make sense? We test one such product to find out.


Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier Review


Honeywell’s Move Pure car air purifier looks nice and sleek. But without any user information on air quality improvement from the device, does it really work? We attempt to find out.


Philips Car Air Purifier Review


With the sales of home air purifiers going through the roof, Philips introduces one for your car. We tested a Eureka Forbes car air purifier in June 2015, and to be honest, we weren’t sure about how effective it really was.


Pioneer AVIC-F970BT Review


Apple’s CarPlay installed in the Pioneer AVIC-F970BT head unit is a solution that lets drivers use their iPhones without getting distracted. We test it to find out if the nascent technology makes a compelling case for itself.


Tantra Fluke Car Bluetooth Kit Review


According to Cisco, networking solution leader, India is the second largest smartphone market globally and is expected to go over 650 million owners in the next four years. This shows how common smartphones are these days,