After Android, WhatsApp Dark Mode arrives in iOS beta

By Xite - February 10, 2020
WhatsApp for iOS beta has brought the much-awaited Dark Mode. The feature, which is available only through Apple’s TestFlight platform, comes with three choices: System Default, Light, an....

Last month, WhatsApp users on Android got the Dark Mode in the 2.20.13 Android beta update. Testers had said that the Dark Mode appears to have become more refined as compared to previous versions. In the latest development, it is being reported that the WhatsApp beta build for iOS includes the much-awaited Dark Mode feature. WhatsApp iOS beta, which is available only through Apple’s TestFlight platform, reveals that Dark Mode on WhatsApp for iOS is integrated with the system-wide Dark Mode feature.

While the basic structure of the mode remains the same on both platforms, there is a difference between the number of options present for users. On iOS, the Dark theme on WhatsApp can be enabled from ‘Chats’ in the Settings menu. Access the ‘Display’ sub-section and tap on the ‘Theme’ option. There will be three choices: System Default, Light, and Dark. Selecting the system default option will change the theme to whatever your iPhone settings are. If you have Dark Theme, WhatsApp will have a Dark Mode and vice-versa.

On Android, there were four options: Light, which is the default white theme, Dark that turns off pixels and is said to extend the run time of smartphones, System default just like in iOS version and ‘Set by Battery Saver’ that will be available on Android 9 and lower versions. This option will allow users to automatically switch to light/dark theme, in accordance with a user’s Battery Saver settings. Now that the Dark Mode is available in betas of both the platforms, it is safe to assume that the company will rollout the feature publicly soon.

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