Airtel Payments Bank rolls out Aadhaar-enabled Payment System

By Xite - February 27, 2020
Airtel Payments Bank has rolled out Aadhaar enabled Payment System  (AePS) across 250,000 banking points in India. Bharti Airtel also launched global packs that cover the most travelled countries.

Airtel Payments Bank has enabled Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AePS) at over 250,000 of its banking points across India. With AePS customers of any bank with Aadhaar linked to their accounts can undertake transactions at any banking points of the Airtel Payments Bank. Customers can carry out transactions on a Micro-ATM by using their Aadhaar number or virtual ID to access their Aadhaar linked bank account. 

Airtel says that the transactions will be authenticated only if the customer’s Aadhaar number and fingerprint match the records. Apart from this, customers of the Airtel Payments Bank as well as other banks will be able to withdraw, make balance enquiries and request mini-statements these banking points.

'We are excited to be a part of AePS, which will allow us to service customers of any bank who have an Aadhar enabled Bank Account. The AePS platform offers an ease of secured banking to everyone by using only their Aadhaar. AePS roll-out is one more step by Airtel Payments Bank to contribute towards the Government of India’s vision of financial inclusion,’ said Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Chief Operating Officer, Airtel Payments Bank.

Airtel IR

Recently, Airtel launched new International Roaming (IR) packs that cover the most travelled countries. Using Airtel Thanks app, both postpaid and prepaid customers will now be able to track their international roaming pack usage in real time. In order to avoid any overcharges, Airtel says that data services would be barred once the IR pack benefits are exhausted by the customer. Further top up can be done through the Airtel Thanks app.

In case customers want to disable their IR service, they can do it with the Airtel Thanks app. Airtel is also providing an option to pre-book an IR pack from up to 30 days prior to their actual date of travel. The pack validity will start after they connect to an international mobile network. There are two types of packs: Travel Basics and Travel Unlimited.

Under Travel Basics pack (for prepaid customers only), you pay Rs 1,199 for 1GB data, 100 mins of incoming & outgoing calls to India and host country, unlimited incoming SMS for 30 days. If you want a more affordable pack, you can recharge with Rs 799 and get 100 mins of incoming & outgoing calls to India and host country and unlimited Incoming SMS for 30 days.
The Travel Unlimited pack is available to prepaid and postpaid customers. Customers have to pay Rs 4,999 for 1GB data per day, unlimited incoming calls, 500 mins of outgoing calls to India and host country and unlimited incoming SMS for 10 days.

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