Android 11 Developer Preview 3: What's new?

By Xite - April 27, 2020
Google has issued the third developer preview of the next Android update which introduces developer tools and advancements. This might be the last Developer Preview as Google plans to shift to Public ....

Google has just rolled out the Android 11 Developer Preview 3 for Pixel smartphones. If you are already functioning on the Developer Preview 2, there are chances that you might have received the over-the-air update notification for Developer Preview 3 (DP3). It is the last of its kind as Google plans to shift to public beta next month. 

The final Developer Preview houses new features like wireless debugging which permits the developers to debug an Android device on the computer practicing the ADB commands without having to connect the two devices with a physical cable. 

One of the most significant changes incorporated in the Developer Preview 3 is an update to app exit reasons. As the name suggests, it serves as a tool to provide the developers with more information on why a certain app has been forced closed by Android.

Furthermore, Google has further revised the time consumed to install an app through the ADB tool. The DP3 encompasses the GWP-ASan, which makes it smoother and effortless to debunk and fix memory safety concerns and, as a result, boost the installation time of large APK files.

The latest Developer Preview also adds a new feature to the mix – Ethernet Tethering. It is a cutting-edge feature that allows one to use the internet on a computer that does not have Wi-Fi as it shares the Android device’s connectivity through USB Tethering.

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