Android TV gains support for audio streaming in the background

By Xite - May 22, 2020
Google has recently updated their app Chromecast on Android TV to enable you to run audio streaming in the background. The users can now play music from the streaming apps on their phones while on the....

In recent years, Android TV has been the most preferred Smart TV among the masses. Google has further added a new feature for the masses to absolute dote on Android TV. The Android TV will now let you play music from any device through the Chromecast built-in feature indicating that one can cast audio from a source like YouTube or Spotify and still navigate on the Android TV UI without interrupting the on-going audio. This is a truly new experience for the users. Though, Spotify’s app for Android TV had this feature for long. The current update extends the scope of this feature to the other apps, as well.

For instance, if you wish you watch a series and are confused about which one to watch, the Android TV allows you to scroll the list while listening to some soothing music.

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Android TV, the smart entertainment platform has proven to be an excellent operating system for set-top boxes and Smart TVs. All the Android TV certified devices act as a Chromecast receiver because of the pre-installed app “Chromecast Built-in”. Owning a Chromecast device will tell you how convenient the feature is.

Furthermore, Android TV is not just a static home base for apps. It has a dynamic way to find content. Some of the innovative features include –

  • Universal search using the top apps
  • Actor and actress bios
  • Several games via Google Play Store
  • Curated content on the top row


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