Apple Confirms 'Let Loose' Event On May 7: Here's What to Expect

By Reetika Bhatt - April 24, 2024
Apple's 'Let Loose' launch event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at 7 AM (PT), or 7:30 PM (IST) for Indian viewers. The company's official website and YouTube channel will carry the live feed.

Apple has just revealed the date for its next big launch event, and it will happen in a few weeks. Anticipations for the upcoming May 7 launch event, which features an Apple Pencil as part of the event creative and the phrase "Let Loose," include the 2024 iPad model refresh. In March, Bloomberg reported that Apple's foreign suppliers have increased production of the most recent iPad models, expected to formally launch in early May. The products were scheduled to launch in late March or early April, but software issues appear to have pushed the launch date forward. Apple scheduled a separate event specifically to introduce the new iPad lineup to the market, contrary to the widespread expectation that the tech giant will roll out the new iPads without fanfare or a launch event. 

Apple 'Let Loose' Event: Date and Timings

The awaited Apple launch event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at 7 AM (PT), or 7:30 PM (IST) for Indian viewers. The company's official website and its YouTube channel will carry the live feed. 

Apple 'Let Loose' Event: What's In Store for Us?

It is long overdue for the new iPad Air and Pro models to receive a redesign. The iPad Air is expected to come in 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch versions, the latter being the first in the Air tablet series. A mini-LED display, which has better contrast, brightness, and battery efficiency than conventional LCD panels, is expected to be featured on the 12.9-inch iPad Air. This technological advancement sets the larger iPad Air apart from its 10.9-inch sibling by promising a more vivid and energy-efficient viewing experience. The firm also intends to release the M2 chipset for the iPad Air.

Regarding the iPad Pro, expect significant modifications to its appearance, the addition of an OLED display, and an M3 chip from Apple to go along with the lineup's anticipated price increase. The iPad Air will continue to support the current Magic Keyboard, while there are rumours that the iPad Pro may receive an updated version with an aluminium design. This distinction might encourage people who are thinking about buying the more expensive iPad Pro model.

According to several industry reports, the upcoming iPad Air models will have a revised camera bump. Potential updates for the camera include a much-needed flash and a vertically oriented camera module. This modification might indicate Apple's intentions to improve the phone's photographic skills. Furthermore, it seems likely that the FaceTime camera on the front of the iPad Air will be moved from the top bezel to the landscape side. The purpose of this update is to enhance the camera alignment when the device is in landscape mode or when it is connected to the Magic Keyboard.

The 2024 iPad series launch comes approximately a month before Apple's WWDC 2024, which will take place from June 10 to June 14, 2024. Stay tuned for more important updates. 


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