Apple Maps's new AR-based patent could crush Google Maps

By Xite - July 26, 2019
The new patent from Apple, describes Apple Maps using Augmented Reality that will overlay other additional information onto the app including speed limit boards, directions and street names.

Over time and time again, whether you are an Android use or iOS, Google Maps has always been the default choice for us for navigation. However, US-based tech giant Apple has been continuously working hard to catch up with Google, in order to offer an enhanced navigation experience for its loyal users as the Apple Maps has never enjoyed the same level of popularity as its main competitor, Google Maps. However, a new patent filed by Apple could put Apple Maps right into the driver’s seat.

According to Cult Of Mac, Apple has applied for a patent titled 'Navigation Using Augmented Reality,’ wherein Apple Maps would be able to overlay route information onto live views of the road ahead of the car. For this to work, the driver’s iPhone will be mounted on the car's dashboard, with the camera pointed at the road ahead.

The driver will then be able to see real-time views of their route along with navigational information such as speed limits, directions, and street names.

The patent describes that, ‘by superimposing the navigational layer over the captured images, the user can clearly and easily understand which lane to be positioned in without having to decipher how general symbols correlate with the real world.’

And while AR-based Apple Maps sound fancy and innovative, Apple also needs to address potential safety concerns associated with drivers having their fields of vision blocked by computer-generated symbols.

And as with any other patent, theirs is no official word yet from Apple whether AR-based navigation will ever be rolled out Apple Maps, but if it does, this technology could give Apple Maps a much-needed boost.

In January, Apple rolled out rolled out turn-by-turn navigation as well support for cab-hailing apps such as Uber and Ola within Apple Maps in the country.  

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