Apple rolls out turn-by-turn navigation in Maps

By Anuj Sharma - January 10, 2019
Information about public transport options isn’t available yet, though. ....

Apple has rolled out turn-by-turn navigation as well support for cab-hailing apps such as Uber and Ola within Apple Maps in the country.  

"Adding regional turn-by-directions makes owning Apple devices that much more appealing for domestic customers, as Apple Maps integrates so well with the system platforms. You could always download a third-party maps app on the App Store, but features like proactive alerts, or Apple Watch navigation are best offered by Apple Maps," 9to5Mac reported.

Information about public transport options isn’t available yet, though.

While Google Maps has been primary source of navigation for Indian users owing to the large Android base in the country, many users prefer Apple Maps, because of its cleaner user interface, despite quality of source data.

However, it’s too early to say if Apple’s new navigation feature will make iPhone users switch to its default Maps service but yes, it seems like a good towards offering an alternative.

Apple and Samsung have also developed a strategic partnership, which will allow the Cupertino-based iPhone maker to offer iTunes movies and TV shows on Samsung’s televisions.

The move clearly indicates Apple’s shift toward becoming a tech- and media-services company as global sales of iPhones continue to slow down. 'Apple is willing to change its hardware-first approach and work with third parties to boost services revenue,' said Gene Munster, a longtime Apple watcher.

'The deal shows that perhaps Apple doesn’t quite view Samsung as the enemy it used to. There are others both Apple and Samsung should worry about. Or the enemy of my enemy is my friend,' added Michael Gartenberg, a former Apple marketing executive.


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