Apple to add sleep tracking in Watch Series 5

By Xite - September 3, 2019
Apple Watch Series 5 will be launched on September 5 and will come with a dedicated sleep tracking feature which will allow users to track quality of sleep, movement, heart rate and noises.

Apple is reportedly planning to add a sleep tracking feature on its upcoming Watch Series 5. The feature is reported to be called ‘Time in Bed Tracking’ and has been internally codenamed ‘Burrito’.

The sleep tracking will track users’ sleep quality, movement, heart rate, and noises. The sleep tracking data would then be available for users’ viewing through a Health app and a new Sleep app for the watch. The feature will require enough battery and would require the watch to be worn at night. As many users generally charge their smartwatches during the night, a report in the 9to5Mac claims that the watch will generate a notification to users to charge their watch before bed. The company is also working to change the way alarms work. In the upcoming Watch Series 5, your daily alarm will be silenced, if you wake up early and start using your Apple Watch.

While sleep tracking on Apple Watch has been available via third-party apps, Apple has never provided its own sleep tracking feature.

Apple will introduce the new Apple Watch Series 5 on September 10. A recent leak about the watch on the Brazilian website claims that the new Apple Watch will come in premium titanium and ceramic casings and will be available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, similar to the Apple Watch Series 4. Apple has earlier used the ceramic casings in Watch Series 2 and 3 but later skipped it in Watch Series 4, as it increased the manufacturing costs.

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