Apple Watch Series 6 to reportedly come with Touch ID fingerprint sensor

By Xite - March 30, 2020
Successor to the Watch Series 5, the Apple Watch Series 6 will have a few additional features inlcuding a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which Apple is planning to be built into the crown.

In the upcoming Watch Series 6, Apple is planning to include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which will be built in the crown of the watch. Currently, the Apple Watch automatically gets unlocked when the paired iPhone is unlocked, and if you want the Apple Watch to be unlocked, it requires a numerical code.

How the Touch ID will be implemented in the watch is not yet clear, as the digital crown is already been used for capturing ECG. However, Apple says that the ECG in the upcoming watch would be updated to remove the current shortcoming that results in inaccurate ECG readings.

The company is also reported to bring blood oxygen detection to its next Watch Series 6. While the blood oxygen detection feature has existed in the Apple Watch since the first version, it has never been used.

Additionally, you can’t have a new watchOS without watch face updates, and the upcoming watchOS 7 is claimed to be developing a new feature, which will allow users to share watch faces. According to a report in 9to5Mac, the watch face configurations would be sharable as files, which users can preview in the Files app and can, then, share using AirDrop from the iPhone along with other methods. Other features coming to the WatchOS 7 include 'Infograph Pro’ with tachymeter, SchoolTime, kids mode, sleep tracking, etc. 

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a successor to the Watch Series 5, which was launched last year with the built-in compass and updated Maps app. Users with cellular models of the Apple Watch Series 5 can complete international calls to emergency services, regardless of where the device was originally purchased or whether the cellular plan was activated. Emergency services are available in over 150 countries and work even without the presence of an iPhone in the vicinity.

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