Apple WWDC 2024: VisionOS 2 Gets New 3D Photo Converter, Hand Gestures and More Updates

By Divyam Dubey - June 11, 2024
At WWDC 2024, Apple introduced visionOS 2, a transformative update that empowers users and developers to harness the full potential of spatial computing. This update enables the creation of immersive ....

During WWDC 2024, Apple took the wraps off VisionOS 2, marking a significant leap forward for the operating system for their augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro. This latest iteration introduces a sweeping array of enhancements, including a redesigned interface, innovative features, and seamless hand gesture controls, all aimed at delivering a more intuitive user experience. One standout feature of VisionOS 2 is its ability to elevate mundane photos into captivating 3D spatial images right from within the familiar confines of the Photos app. Moreover, users gain greater autonomy over personalization with the addition of customizable home screen options tailored specifically for the Vision Pro. Apple has also made a developer beta of VisionOS 2 readily accessible.

What's new in visionOS 2?

Apple's visionOS 2 update significantly expands the capabilities of the Vision Pro augmented reality headset. A key feature is the ability to convert any existing 2D photo within the Photos app into a 3D spatial photo, offering users a dynamic viewing experience with improved depth perception. This functionality eliminates the prior requirement of capturing photos specifically with Apple devices for the 3D effect.

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Furthermore, visionOS 2 streamlines content creation and sharing. Users can now seamlessly edit spatial videos using Final Cut Pro on Mac computers, incorporating immersive effects. Sharing these spatial videos is facilitated through the Vimeo app for Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro 1

For enhanced user control and navigation, visionOS 2 introduces intuitive hand gestures. A simple tap with the index finger and thumb brings the user back to the Home View, while a wrist rotation from a flat to a downward position reveals the time. Additional taps in this position access the Control Center. Moreover, dedicated gestures allow users to check battery levels and adjust volume.

The update also improves the integration between Vision Pro and Mac devices. Users can now enjoy an expanded Mac Virtual Display, transitioning from a single 5K resolution display to an ultra-wide view equivalent to two 4K monitors side-by-side. Additionally, visionOS 2 introduces mouse support alongside existing trackpad functionality and presents a virtual Magic Keyboard within the virtual environment, fostering a more familiar user experience.

Addressing prior user feedback, visionOS 2 empowers users to personalize their Home Screen by rearranging app icons, including those from iPhone and iPad. Finally, the update introduces a Guest User feature, allowing users to securely share their Vision Pro device with family, friends, or colleagues. Guest User data, including eye and hand information, is stored for a period of 30 days.

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