Audio Technica launches new hi-res headphones in India

By Anuj Sharma - September 26, 2017
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The ATH-ADX5000 features newly developed core mount technology, enlarged 58mm integrated driver units and tungsten-coated diaphragms, and all enclosed in a honeycomb punched design. At the heart of th....

Japanese audio accessories maker Audio-Technica has introduced new headphones in the QuietPoint active noise-cancelling (ANC) lineup including: ATH-ANC40BT in-ear model with Bluetooth wireless, and high-value ATH-ANC50iS and ATH-ANC70 over-ear headphones. The company has also introduced three new Hi-Res audio headphones and has appointed KEI Hi-Fi as their consumer category product distributor for India.

As such, KEI Hi-Fi will distribute the entire range of consumer wired and wireless headphones, including the award-winning QuietPoint active noise-cancelling headphones, the new Hi-Res Audio headphones.

Let’s take closer look at the newly launched headphones in India.


The ATH-MSR7SE features a new premium aluminium housing along with an exclusive limited edition deep metallic navy finish with subtle deluxe gold accents. The headphone is wrapped in dark brown faux leather, the ear pads and headband have also been specially designed to provide ultra-soft padding for improved comfort over long listening sessions. Employing Audio-Technica's pro-audio pedigree and technology from the company's flagship wired ATH-SR9 headphones, the ATH-MSR7SE enhances the existing model's sound.

At the centre are the specially-tuned 45mm ‘True Motion' drivers boasting a new Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coated diaphragm resulting in a more precise audio reproduction. ATH-MSR7SE also comes with a new 6N-OFC oxygen-free copper 1.2 metre cable. In addition to the high-grade 6N-OFC cable, those listening on a smartphone can connect a 1.2 metre cable featuring in-line controls and a microphone while a 3.0 metre cable with a longer reach for listening at home is also supplied.

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7SE will be available in very limited quantities in India by November 2017 and price is yet to be announced.


The new ATH-ADX5000 open-back headphones enable audiophiles to experience faithful reproduction of their favourite music as the artist intended. The ATH-ADX5000 features newly developed core mount technology, enlarged 58mm integrated driver units and tungsten-coated diaphragms, and all enclosed in a honeycomb punched design. At the heart of the ATH-ADX5000 is 58mm driver design. The diaphragm voice coil, baffle and magnet are all housed in the same unit to minimise unwanted vibrations that can colour the sound, said the company.

To further enhance the sound, the headphones come with a high grade 6N-OFCoxygen-free copper cable with a machined stainless steel 6.3mm plug.

The Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 will be available in December 2017 and rices are yet to be announced.


The ultra-portable and affordable the ATH-AR3BT Bluetooth model offers wireless listening and features dynamically-tuned 40mm drivers, a top mounted circuit board design that also allows fluid movement of the diaphragm to minimise distortion while an expansive frequency range makes for detailed reproduction.

The ATH-AR3BT features a foldable, lightweight design for easy storage and comes with soft memory-foam ear pads which provides a comfortable and secure fit for marathon listening sessions while on the move.

The headphones support both Bluetooth 4.1 aptX and AAC codecs as well NFC for the wireless streaming of audio from a compatible smartphone or tablet. The ATH-AR3BT offers an impressive 30 hours continuous wireless performance, claims Audio Technica.  

The Audio-Technica ATH-AR3BT will be available in October 2017 and is priced at Rs 13,990.

QuietPoint Active Noise-cancelling (ANC) Headphones

The ATH-ANC40BT noise cancelling in-ear headphones combine Bluetooth wireless convenience with up to 90 per cent noise-cancellation and employs aptX sound-improvement technology, and large 13.5 mm drivers.

The ATH-ANC40BT can be connected to two sources simultaneously and also features a mic and controller for answering calls, controlling music and adjusting volume. The headphone offers up to eight hours of playing time and will operate even if the battery runs out using its included 3.9-foot (1.2 m) cable.

The ATH-ANC40BT is currently available and comes with four sizes of ear tips (XS/S/M/L), a protective pouch, a 3.3-foot (1.0 m) USB charging cable and an airplane adapter.

The value-priced over-ear ATH-ANC50iS provides up to 87 per cent noise cancellation and features an in-line microphone and controller for answering calls and controlling music. It features a high-quality omnidirectional mic and a large 40 mm driver and promises great battery life.

The ATH-ANC70 provides up to 90 per cent noise cancellation and has a microphone and controller for answering calls and operating music playback, and the controls are discreetly built into one of the ear cups. The ATH-ANC70 comes with a hard-carrying case, a 1/4-inch adapter and airline adapter. The included AAA battery provides up to 40 hours of operation.


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