Auto Expo 2018: A leap forward for Electric Vehicles

By Anuj Sharma - February 8, 2018
Over 22 upbeat manufacturers showcased a strong product portfolio for the coming year which will not only set the tone for FY 18-19, but will also provide stimulus for a promising and inspiring year a....

This year’s edition of Auto Expo has generated a lot of anticipation and exhilaration as it embraces the ambitious goal of making a transition to future of mobility. Star highlights were electric vehicles (EV), hybrids and vehicles that run on fuel cell technology, showing the future of mobility.

Over 22 upbeat manufacturers showcased a strong product portfolio for the coming year that will not only set the tone for FY 18-19 but will also provide stimulus for a promising and inspiring year ahead.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd showcased #ConceptFutureS and ‘e-SURVIVOR Concept’ – EV design concept and working model of next generation Suzuki Hybrid Systems (HEV).

Along with the 2nd Generation Honda Amaze that is slated for launch in India in FY18-19, the company also unveiled Sports EV Concept, Honda NeuV and Clarity Fuel Cell (Honda’s most advanced zero emission vehicle), which is the first fuel cell sedan to house the entire stack underneath the bonnet, making the cabin spacious enough to carry five occupants.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The Honda NeuV is an EV concept model that explores the potential of mobility products that will be further expanded by automated driving technologies and Artificial Intelligence. NeuV makes judgements about the driver’s state of stress based on facial expressions and/or tone of voice and provides assistance to the driver to support safe driving and by learning the driver’s lifestyle and preferences, provides suggestions to the particular driver, realizing communication between driver and mobility.

Hyundai Motor India Limited unveiled its global EV, IONIQ. The IONIQ EV is powered by an electric motor that produces the equivalent of 120hp and 295Nm of torque. The EV can reach 0 –  100kph in 10.2 seconds and has a top speed of 165kph.

IONIQ is world’s first car to offer all three electrified versions – hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all electric. IONIQ is based on ‘Visual aero’ and ‘Purified High Tech’ design concept with fastback styling and features the use of eco-friendly materials in the interior.

Mahindra and Mahindra displayed its widest ever Electric Vehicle (EV) portfolio, showcasing the UDO Concept, Treo, e-Cosmo and first of its kind 380 Volt powertrain.

Ashok Leyland unveiled Circuit-S, an electric bus powered by a swappable smart battery. SML ISUZU introduced new range of trucks based on the ISUZU design philosophy named as Global Series. JBM Solaris Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. launched its 100 percent Electric Bus Series ECO-LIFE, powered by lithium batteries, which can run 150 – 200 kms in 10 – 15 hours of city bus operations.

Renault, showcased TREZOR, an all-electric grand tourer Concept Car.

The company also showcased Zoe e-Sport concept that gains inspiration from Renault's single-seater race cars. The tiny electric hatch concept is capable of pushing out 460bhp and 640Nm, taking it from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

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