Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera launched in India

By Xite - February 27, 2019
With the EOS RP, Canon has pushed the frontiers of photography by introducing an affordable and portable product enabling access for photography enthusiasts aspiring to embark on their full-frame mirr....

Japanese tech giant Canon has launched a new full-frame mirrorless camera ‘EOS RP’ in India that comes with a 26.2MP sensor and is packed with 4K video recording, eye AF and dual-pixel auto-focus. The EOS RP costs Rs 1,10,495 for body only and Rs 1,99,490 with the 24-105mm kit lens.

Similar to the EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera that was recently launched, the EOS RP is built around the same 54mm mount diameter and short-back focus. The camera uses RF mount for lenses and while the support of native lenses for this mount are low, the company has created an adapter that can be used with the camera to extend support of EF and EF-S lenses on the EOS RP.

The RF mount sports a short flange focal distance of 20mm and is designed with the intention to allow more possibilities in lens design and innovation.

Weighing just 440 grams (body only), the EOS RP is lighter than other Canon full-frame DSLR cameras. The EOS RP sports Dual Pixel CMOS auto-focus (AF) with 4,779 manually selectable AF points and a wide AF coverage area of 88 per cent horizontal and 100 per cent vertical. The camera can also automatically detect faces and has the ability to focus on the subject’s eye.

The EOS RP embodies the familiar, reliable features of Canon’s EOS performance and excellent ergonomics, delivering an unparalleled image quality that caters to both advanced photographers and those venturing into full-frame cameras. With the Feature Assistant, new users would be able to easily navigate while experienced users would be better poised to make full use of each feature to produce better images.

The Dual Sensing IS of the EOS RP that detects camera shakes from its gyroscopic sensor and the CMOS sensor provides Image Stabilisation that allows user to capture images at shutter speed of up to five stops slower, most useful especially in low-light situations.

The in-camera Digital Lens Optimizer corrects aberrations, diffraction and optical distortions as you shoot, producing excellent image quality right out of the camera.

The newly launched EOS RP will go head to head with the Sony’s mirrorless cameras such as the A7 Mark 3 and with the Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6.


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