Casio G-Shock GG-1000WLP limited edition watch in India

By Xite - March 28, 2019
Casio launches a new limited edition watch- G-SHOCK GG-1000WLP in collaboration with non-profit corporation Wildlife Promising. The watch has been created to promote and maintain a better living envir....

In collaboration with Wildlife Promising, Casio has launched a new limited-edition watch called the G-Shock GG-1000WLP. Wildlife Promising is an authorised non-profit corporation (NPO) that works towards coexistence between wildlife and humans in Africa.

The watch comes with the powerful features and functions of the GG-1000 base model. A bearing measurement can be taken by simply pressing the large button at 3 o’clock, and temperature measurement is triggered by pressing the button at 4 o’clock.

Priced at Rs 17,995, the watch features a dust- and mud-resistant case and has twin sensors for bearing and temperature readings. The timepiece’s design incorporates three species of wildlife that live in Africa (leopards, sunfish eagles and lilac snails) and has an engraving that reads, ‘Love the Sea and the Earth’. Specialised packages are also available, with illustrations of each animal.

Under the theme of ‘Love the Sea and the Earth’, G-SHOCK and BABY-G have created collaboration models with various environmental organisations since late 1990 and have supported them. The collaboration with Wildlife Promising aims at a better living environment for wild animals and people and social activities and conservation based on academic research, such as conservation ecological research of wild leopards in Africa.

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