Coronavirus: Google launches India-specific website for latest statistics

By Xite - April 1, 2020
Google has introduced an India-centric portal that provides information and insights about the Coronavirus pandemic, and delivers safety and prevention tips as well as the latest statistics.

Google has launched a website in India that will deliver India-specific comprehensive health information on coronavirus, safety and prevention tips, and the latest global and Indian statistics. The portal also has videos explaining how people can fight the pandemic and be a responsible citizen. There are also videos that tell how people working from home can utilise their free time.

On the left side, there are four key sections: health information, safety and prevention tips, data & insights, and resources. These sections have training modules for individuals, small businesses, and educators to stay connected and informed. Further, there are links for educational and informative videos by the Union Health Ministry. Google is also providing its ‘Do the Five’ campaign on the portal.

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On a global level, Google recently introduced a comprehensive experience for COVID-19 in Search to provide access to correct information from health authorities. The new format is easy to understand and navigate information and resources. It has links from national and local health authorities, and a carousel that contains Twitter handles of health authorities and local civic organisations for quick information and guidance on the pandemic. 

There’s a feature that answers the most common questions about the pandemic, with information sourced from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are modules that show statistics and a map showing COVID-19 prevalence in countries around the world.

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