Could Microsoft’s next Surface phone be a foldable device?

By Anuj Sharma - July 24, 2017
In a new patent titled Wireless Communication Device, Microsoft has described a flip smartphone with LTE support. The company has also stated specifics on this design and dimensions.

As the rumours around a new Microsoft’s smartphone continues to build, a new leak emerged has suggested that the next Surface smartphone may not just be phone but a foldable device with world wide web support for LTE.

The patent explains a wireless communications device with a worldwide LTE mobile wireless data connection to personal computing devices in a very small form factor. Worldwide connectivity and a small form factor may be accomplished using double-band or triple-band LTE antennas diplexed or triplexed, respectively, into an LTE modem via a single PCB trace instead of a coaxial cable to economize the consumption of physical space on the device.

Further, the small form factor may be permitted by locating heat-producing or interfering components in separate housings moveable with respect to each other between a closed position and one or more open positions.

The wireless communications device may employ additional heat dissipation materials such as copper spreaders and the phone may allow a memory for on board storage of user files received via a wired or wireless connection to the personal computing device.

The wireless communications device may contain a processor configured to execute code stored on the memory such as operating system code or code downloaded to the hot spot over a digital communications channel.

The device may further advantageously contain a glass display to determine or display to the user any of the following: the power status of the battery, the current wireless data signal strength, the name of the current wireless carrier, or a current network throughput, which clearly states the design of the next Surface smartphone.

If the above described Surface Phone goes green, we can expect the device to enter the market in 2018.


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