Creative Muvo 2 Speaker Review

By Xite - May 2, 2017
Creative Muvo 2 Speaker Review- Creative Muvo 2 is not only waterproof and dustproof, it can be connected to another speaker wirelessly. Does this make it the perfect speaker? We find out.

Creative Muvo 2 is not only waterproof and dustproof, it can be connected to another speaker wirelessly. Does this make it the perfect speaker? We find out.

We have had a fair share of Bluetooth speakers sent to us to test out. Among them, Creative’s products have stood out distinctly in terms of sound, price and quality. It always seems like you get exactly what you pay for.

The company recently sent us a new Bluetooth speaker which they claim is splash proof or water resistant. They call it the Creative MUVO 2 and at first glance it looks really solid. It feels like a one-piece solid brick and quite durable. There are no screws and the entire body is just one single piece apart from the mesh grille at the front. As for controls, the MUVO 2 has six buttons on top, for power, Bluetooth, mode, up and down volume and pause and play. The buttons are rubberised and feel robust. At the back is a rubber flap which conceals a Micro SD card slot which can play MP3, WAV, WMA and FLAC format files, a micro USB slot and an auxiliary input jack. The rubber flap itself looks like it could seal these exposed ports well. It has wireless range of 10-metres and has a 2200mAH battery.

Connecting the MUVO 2 to devices couldn’t have been easier and more seamless, while the battery life is more than sufficient. However, most Bluetooth speakers cannot deliver the kind of sound a wired connection can as they wash out the mid range where a majority of the frequencies lie. Bluetooth speakers are notorious for that, especially the units that are lower down the price range.

Most Creative branded speakers have been able to find the right balance. However, the MUVO 2, as it is a dual purpose speaker, compromises just a little bit on quality of sound for the benefit of versatility when compared to other Creative units. The MUVO 2 is also directional, which is why it performs its best when its facing directly in front and positioned at ear level. But you can use the USB and SD slot as the source, which does improve the sound quality. But as it doesn’t get seek buttons to shuffle through your playlist, you will have to go through your device even while you use Bluetooth if you wish to change the song. That kind of beats the purpose with a water resistant speaker because you may need to touch your device with wet hands. However, the MUVO 2 has a feature, which links two units wirelessly to provide a wider stereo sound and it would also improve the sound quality.

The ideal purpose of the MUVO 2 is to be splash proof to allow you to take your music with you anywhere in moist weather conditions if you are the adventurous kind. But that is the only reason why one would opt for this device. For any other purpose, Creative does have other offerings which provide better sound quality for the same price, but may not be as rugged as the MUVO 2. All in all, you still get what you pay for, a decent and reliable portable wireless speaker that’s sounds decent while taking a beating from mother nature.

7/ 10
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