Ericsson, Airtel present India’s first 5G-powered Connected Music performance at IMC 2019

By Xite - October 14, 2019
In a first in India, Ericsson and Airtel Connected Music performance at the ongoing IMC 2019 in New Delhi. The demonstration involved connecting two parts of a musical performance using a live 5G netw....

In a first for India, Ericsson and Airtel demonstrated a ‘Connected Music’ performance during the inauguration of the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019. The demonstration involved connecting two parts of a musical performance using a live 5G network and presenting it as one, for live audiences at both locations. The motive of the performance was to demonstrate the ultra-low latency of the 5G network.

For those who weren’t present during the live demo, one half of the performance had the singer and music composer, Siddharth Shankar Mahadevan perform at the stage whilst a Swedish band played at the Ericsson booth about 100 metres away. The performance highlighted how 5G can transform our interaction with the arts and open new opportunities in several areas for multiple industries.

‘This Connected Music demonstration is a fine example of benefits that 5G can bring to performing arts. It brings art and music closer to audiences. Ericsson has been the first to deploy live 5G networks across four continents. We are committed to sharing our live 5G deployment experience and learnings with the Indian telecom operators and other key stakeholders as the country gets ready for 5G. This includes working with our partners, such as Airtel, on 5G use cases,’ Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Ericsson South East Asia, Oceania and India, said in a statement.

Apart from this, Ericsson and Airtel are showcasing other use cases of the 5G technology at their respective booths.

Ericsson at IMC

5G Connected Ambulance: This demo showcases a real-life application of real-time communications in the healthcare industry. The communication is enabled by adding a data channel to IMS, alongside voice, video communication and text channels. A doctor from a hospital can perform an ultrasound scan remotely on a patient who is in an ambulance. The doctor will be assisted by a paramedic in the ambulance who will be wearing a connected glove with haptic feedback. This will allow the doctor to control the paramedics hand remotely and thus conduct a remote ultrasound procedure in real-time with live video communication.

5G-enabled Immersive Sports: The combination of 5G, augmented reality and virtual reality supports new capabilities that can be utilised by service providers to develop innovative service offerings and drive revenue growth. The demo of this use case is being showcased at the Ericsson’s booth at IMC 2019.

Airtel at IMC

Bharti Airtel showcased a range of digital solutions for businesses and consumers. These solutions leverage 5G and pre-5G network technologies. ‘The digital era is at our door and a connected world with limitless digital solutions will soon be the norm. Airtel is ready for this digital future with its secure network and end-to-end product solutions for smart businesses,’ Ajay Chitkara, Director & CEO – Airtel Business, said in a statement.

Airtel showcased use cases, which include Cloud-based immersive gaming over 5G, communication during mining, remote healthcare which will allow doctors to maneuver a robot arm in real-time and examine medical patients in remote locations. Airtel also showcased MG Motor Hector, which is powered by Airtel’s ready connectivity suite

The 5G-powered smart experiences include smart retail stores where users can experience virtual trials of different fashion outfits in real time using high speed-low latency networks. In the advanced surveillance experience, Airtel showed how AI-based video analytics security and surveillance platform integrates features like facial-recognition and object detection to search a single image from live video feed in under three seconds to identify and trigger an alert.

In smart cities, Airtel showed real-time Air Quality Monitoring, Smart Street Lighting Poles which are designed for energy efficient lighting and also offer surveillance cameras, and public address systems. The telecom giant also showcased image recognition capabilities based on Image Recognition system. This system is powered by AI and uses a completely Autonomous Smart Vision Device that can capture image of the cooler cabin, various other data and upload to the cloud via Smart Gateway device.

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