Eureka Forbes launches air-purifier with built-in humidifier

By Anuj Sharma - December 21, 2018
The air-purifier has patented ‘Duotron’ technology that actively reduces the growth of viruses and bacteria in the air indoors. The Dr Aeroguard SCPR 660H can also be fully controlled by a remote ....

Eureka Forbes has introduced Dr Aeroguard SCPR 660H – India’s first air-purifier with a built-in humidifier. It is powered with the powerful Hepa filter that is capable of removing 99.97 per cent of the micro particles, with added anti- allergen and anti-bacterial filters that trap airborne particles.

Each filtration level has been designed keeping in mind the various pollutants prevalent in the environment today -- dust, smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen, allergens, pet dander, particulate matter (PM 2.5/10), industrial pollutants like lead arsenic, nickel  -- all of these are filtered out while keeping the air indoors 99.97% pure.

The air-purifier uses 6-stage filtration -- Pre-Filter: the pre-filter removes large particles, such as dust, hair, pet dander and fibres; Anti-allergen Filtration that traps airborne particles such as dust, fungal spores and pollen that can cause and trigger allergic reactions; HEPA filte capable of removing up to 99.97 per cent of micro particles, such as fine dust particles including PM2.5, pollen and mould spores; Anti-bacterial filtration: The Anti-bacterial filter inhibits the growth of micro-organisms and prevents the breeding of micro- organisms on filters; Active Carbon Filter which is effective in reducing tobacco smoke and cooking smells

Lastly there is NANOPURE with 360 degree UV technology which is effective in neutralising viruses and bacteria in the air and contributes to a healthy indoor quality. 

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