Facebook Stories hits 300 million users

By Anuj Sharma - September 27, 2018
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Facebook also announced making Facebook Stories ads available to all advertisers around the world.

Facebook Stories has crossed 300 million users that use the feature everyday. And while the format has been copied from Snap-owned Snapchat, the photo-sharing app’s user count stood at 188 million in August.

Snap’s revenue increased 44 per cent to $262 million -- compared to $182 million revenue in Q2 2017 -- it seems Facebook and Instagram "Stories" has stonewalled Snapchat's growth.

In May, Facebook Stories had 150 million daily active users, and in September of 2017, Messenger totalled 70 million daily active users. And while much of the growth has come from Messenger Stories, all of this states that Facebook completely dominates the story format now.

Facebook also announced making Facebook Stories ads available to all advertisers around the world.

“Now you can include Facebook Stories as an additional placement to News Feed or Instagram Stories ad campaigns, delivering your message in a fullscreen, immersive environment. And soon, you’ll be able to extend the reach and improve the performance of your stories ad campaigns in Messenger too,” the company said in a blog post.

Facebook Stories ads support almost every aspect currently available for Instagram Stories ads, including reach, brand awareness, video views, app install, conversion, traffic and lead generation. Facebook’s full suite of targeting and measurement capabilities is also available for stories ads across platforms.

According to a Facebook-commissioned survey, 62 per cent of people said they became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in a story. More than half of people surveyed said they're making more online purchases as a result of seeing stories. In addition, 38 per cent of people said that after seeing a product or service in a story they talked to someone about it, and 34 per cent said they went to a store to look for it.

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