Facebook Watch content line-up enabling engagement between creators, fans

By Xite - January 2, 2020
Facebook Watch, the content streaming platform of Facebook Inc, has said that it is enabling engagement between creators and fans through the content line-up available on it. The creators include chef....

Facebook Watch, the content streaming platform of Facebook Inc, has said that its show line-up is enabling engagement between creators and fans. Facebook has also listed a number of shows that people can watch on the platform. According to the tech giant 2019 was an exciting year for Watch in India, as the medium emerged as one of the most preferred ones for creators and fans to connect more intrinsically with each other. The list of creators includes names from the entertainment industry and popular social media creators, like chef Kunal Kapoor, Iqbal Khan, music duo Salim- Sulaiman and journalist Faye D’Souza.

‘With a focus on constantly working towards building and enabling great video experiences, Facebook has been committed to creating an avenue that provides a range of video offerings where the audience is not only consuming content but where they can follow video creators they care about, start conversations about the content they watch with their friends. Through Facebook Watch, users have virtually connected around videos they love through unlimited ways and unique, interactive features such as comments, shares, reactions, polls, Groups, messages, Watch Parties, and more,’ the company said in a press note.

Below are some of the shows on Facebook Watch:

Show Name: Be Safe

BE SAFE educates the viewers about the various side-effects of the growing technology around us. By means of these short videos, #BeSafe creates widespread awareness about topics, like Online scams, bank transactions, love gone wrong, suspicious links, and fraud, that concern people.

Show Name: Best of Me

Best of Me portrays dating in a different way. In each episode, two people nominate two influencers to represent each of the participants and to go on a date, and a host facilitates the date.

Show Name: Heads or Tails

The show sees a coin toss between two celebrities, chef Kunal Kapoor and VJ Zerxes Wadia. Whoever gets heads or tails based on the flip of the coin will be entitled to see the city from a luxe filter, and the other will have to explore the same city but with limited cash. Every episode requires the two to flip the coin before they begin exploring the city.

Show Name: Office Gossip

It's a show about lighthearted conversations during office breaks between colleagues. Each episode is focused on one of the various topics that are common for all office places around the globe.

Show name: Dare or dare

Each episode will have two influencers giving each other silly or funny dare. For example, asking your boss for an off because of a very silly reason, saying no to everything at work, not doing any work at all for a day. These dares will be crowdsourced from the audience, and the influencers will select one for each episode and perform them.

Show Name: Bae Control

Bae Control will be the first of its kind science fiction show on digital in India, which touches upon how technology can interfere with relationships. A dysfunctional couple, Shyam and Vedika, are introduced to a revolutionary new technology called BAE Control (Biologically Administered Endocrinological Control), using which they can control each others’ four major emotions using a mobile app: happiness, confidence, anger, and love. As the new technology enlivens their struggling relationship, in time they realise there might be more perils to it than they previously imagined.

Show Name: Be the change

Journalist Faye D’Souza talks with celebrities about various causes like women's empowerment and education. Faye along with the celebrity experiences the world of the cause, stripping the celebrityhood to focus on the real person, actioning result-oriented change. ‘Being the Change’ engages with the audience through a crowdfunding effort.

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