God of War Ragnarok Set to Launch on PC in September 2024; Check Details Here

By Divyam Dubey - June 3, 2024
God of War Ragnarok, the acclaimed action-adventure title from Santa Monica Studio, is set to launch on PC on September 19, 2024, marking the latest first-party PlayStation title to make its way to th....

Sony has confirmed that God of War: Ragnarok will be released for PCs on September 19. This marks the second game in the franchise to make its way to PCs. Although Elden Ring took the top spot for Game of the Year in 2022, Ragnarök was a strong contender and won several awards from various publications. The PC version of Ragnarök aims to meet the high standards set by the January 2022 release. With its stunning visuals reminiscent of its predecessor, the game truly shines on PC, especially when experienced on an ultra-wide display. This setup enhances the graphical fidelity and promises a more immersive gaming experience. Notable PC-exclusive features include ultrawide resolution support, Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR compatibility, and unlocked framerates. Additionally, the Valhalla DLC will be included.

What’s New for PC?

God of War Ragnarok is bringing some exciting upgrades for PC gamers. These include unlocked frame rates, support for ultra-wide monitors, and other visual improvements. Plus, players can enjoy the recently released Valhalla DLC for extra fun. While this news might not be a big shock, it's great for fans who want to continue their Kratos journey on PC, following the successful 2018 God of War.

God Of War Ragnarok 1

Sony has confirmed that Ragnarok will support advanced upscaling tech like NVIDIA RTX DLSS, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, and Intel XeSS. The widescreen support is especially impressive, offering a more immersive gaming experience for those with 32:9 monitors.

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The God of War series, including Ragnarok and the 2018 hit, is known for its gripping single-player stories. Ragnarok amps up the battle mechanics for even more excitement. Pre-orders are open now, and the PC release is set for September 19th. High-powered PC owners can look forward to enjoying the game's impressive graphics and details thanks to these upgrades.

With unlocked frame rates and widescreen support, God of War Ragnarok on PC promises an awesome gaming experience. Every aspect is optimized for maximum enjoyment, so players can dive into Kratos' world like never before.

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