Google Camera Go to bring HDR photography to Android Go devices

By Xite - April 14, 2020
Modders have spotted a Detail Enhancing setting in the Google Camera Go app that was launched last month for Android Go devices. The setting shows HDR imagery setting, which is currently under develop....

Last month, Google launched the Google Camera Go app – a lightweight camera app for entry-level smartphones that run the most lightweight version of Android OS called Android Go. In the latest development, it’s been found that the company will bring its proprietary HDR+ imaging to these phones. HDR+ imaging brings greater levels of contrast in the images clicked by smartphones.

GCam modders have found a hidden ‘Detail Enhance’ setting that is basically an HDR setting. For now, the setting doesn’t do anything, which suggests that developers are still working on it. With this feature, the Android Go smartphones with less RAM and storage, as compared to more expensive smartphones, will also be able to click better images than before.

Apart from this, the Camera Go app also features ‘Portrait Mode’ to capture photos with the bokeh effect. The app also tracks the remaining photo and video storage space. The Google Camera Go app is the latest addition to the other Android Go apps, which include Gallery Go and Files Go, among others. According to Google, about 1,600 Android Go models are available in over 180 countries, and there are over 100 million active Android (Go edition) phones globally.

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