Google Chrome turns 10, gets new look

By Anuj Sharma - September 5, 2018
On mobile, Google has moved the toolbar to the bottom on iOS, so it's easy to reach. And across Chrome, Google has simplified the prompts, menus, and even the URLs in your address bar.

With the increased penetration of the Internet and smartphones in our lives, the popularity of Google Chrome has also reached a new high. We often use it to plan trips, send emails, read and more. And as Chrome turns 10 today, Google has added new features and security updates to make it even better and easier to use.

First up, Chrome has a new look and you can see it across all platforms – desktop, Android, and iOS. It's now more rounded and has new icons and a new colour palette. The company has also changed the shape of tabs, so that the website icons are easier to see, which makes it easier to navigate across lots of tabs.

On mobile, Google has moved the toolbar to the bottom on iOS, so it's easy to reach. And across all platforms, Google has simplified prompts, menus and even the URLs in your address bar.

'We’ve also significantly improved the way Chrome handles passwords. Staying secure on the web means using strong and unique passwords for every different site. When it’s time to create a new password, Chrome will now generate one for you (so you’re not using your puppy’s name for all of your passwords anymore). Chrome will save it, and next time you sign in, it’ll be there, on both your laptop and phone,' Google said in a blog post.

Remember Omnibox at the top of Chrome that combines the search bar and address bar into one? It will now show you answers directly in the address bar without having to open a new tab – from rich results on public figures or sporting events to instant answers like the local weather via or a translation of a foreign word.

Users can also search for a website in Omnibox, and Chrome will tell you if it’s already open and let you jump straight to it with 'Switch to tab'. Soon, you’ll be able to search files from your Google Drive directly in your Omnibox too, the company added.

Chrome users can now also create and manage shortcuts to their favourite websites directly from the new tab page – simply open a new tab and 'Add shortcut'. You can now also customise the background of a newly-opened tab with a picture of your choice. 

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