Google Duo will now automatically adjust video in low-light

By Xite - August 20, 2019
With the low-light mode in Duo, Google aims to give users a streamlined video calling experience no matter where and at what time they are calling. Now, there will be no more leaving each other in the....

While most of the video calling apps including Google Duo works wonderfully in day-light settings, but many people around the world face one particular condition where the apps consistently struggle with: poor lighting.

In many places, electricity poses a significant challenge, preventing people from connecting face to face. People often light their homes with a single bulb when electricity is expensive, and even then, power outages remain common in many areas, leaving people in the dark during the time when they would like to connect with their loved ones. And there are situations, when electricity is not an issue, but, many people just want to video call to say good night right before bed, keep each other company as they watch TV together or enjoy a quick chat while they’re outside in the evening.

To overcome these challenges, Google is bringing low light mode to Duo. Low light mode helps people connect with each other face to face, even when the lighting conditions aren’t optimal. The video call will adjust so people in the frame are more visible when the phone detects dim lighting. Low light mode will start rolling out globally to iOS and Android users this week.

‘With low light mode on Duo, just start a video call and you can toggle the feature on or off as part of your in-call controls,’ the company said

In May, the app in an update allowed up to eight people to be added at the same time on group video calling on Duo. The app allows users make video calls in high definition and is optimised for low-bandwidth networks too.

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