Google Fit now available on iOS

By Xite - April 25, 2019
Google Fit is designed to hit activity goals based on recommendations from the American Heart Association and World Health Organization. The system is based around Move Minutes and Heart points.

Google Fit, the fitness tracking app from the search giant that was launched last year on Android, is now available on iOS. Apps you connect to Apple Health, such as Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club and Headspace, sync with Google Fit to provide a holistic view of your health and show the Heart Points and Move Minutes you earn through other activities.

And whether you own an Apple Watch or Wear OS by Google smartwatch, Google Fit keeps track of your workout sessions. With your journal, you’ll get a snapshot of the things that you do to help you get better sleep, be more mindful and get more active.

Move Minutes and Heart Points are designed to help you build smarter, healthier habits throughout your day. The more you move, the more Move Minutes you earn. The more intensely you move, the more Heart Points you earn. And the more Heart Points you earn, the closer you are to reaching AHA and WHO’s recommended amount of weekly physical activity to reap the health benefits. Whether you go biking or pick up your pace while walking to your next meeting to earn more Heart Points, you can check your journal to track progress on these two activity goals and see how small changes can make a big impact to your health. 

‘Regardless of which apps or devices you use to monitor fitness, sleep and general wellbeing, Google Fit has you covered,’ the company said.

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