Google introduces new photo gallery app ‘Gallery Go’

By Xite - July 25, 2019
Available globally, Google's Gallery Go is designed to help first time smartphone users easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for access to high-speed internet or cloud backup.

Search giant Google introduced today Gallery Go, a photo gallery, designed to work offline, that uses machine learning to automatically organise your photos. Gallery Go helps first-time smartphone owners find, edit, and manage photos, without a high-speed internet connection or cloud backup.

The Gallery Go automatically organises your photos by people and things that make the subject of your pictures. This makes it easy for you to find your favourite selfie. You don’t have to manually label your photos, and all these features don’t use your data. You can also create folders to organise your photos. Gallery Go also works with SD cards, which means that you can easily copy images from SD card.

The app also has few editing tools such as auto enhance for instant fixes. You can also choose from a variety of filters to get a new look, and easily rotate and crop your images.

Gallery Go has been designed to work offline, which helps you manage your photos using less data. At just 10MB, the app is quite light, which means that you don't have to worry about your phone slowing down. 

Gallery Go is available in the Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher. While the app is available worldwide, some features such as organising photos 'by people' aren’t available in all countries.

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