Google Photos will not sync with Drive starting July

By Xite - June 13, 2019
After a feedback from users, Google has decided to stop auto synchronisation of vidoes and photos between Google Photos and Drive to simplify the experience across Drive and Photos.

Many users store their Photos and videos on both Google Drive and Google Photos, which keeps them safe and easy to access. According to a feedback from users, Google has found that people find the connection between these two services confusing. Thus, starting in July, new photos and videos from Drive won’t automatically show in Photos.

Similarly, new photos and videos in Photos will not be added to the Photos folder in Drive. Photos and videos, you delete in Drive will not be removed from Photos. Similarly, items you delete in Photos will not be removed from Drive. This change is designed to help prevent accidental deletion of items across products.

Google is also bringing a new feature to called ‘Upload from Drive,’ which lets you manually choose photos and videos from Drive, including ‘Shared with Me’ items, to import into Photos. Once copied, these items are not connected between the two products. Since photos and videos will no longer sync across both products, items copied in the original quality will count towards your storage quota in both Drive and Photos.

However, you will still be able to use Backup and Sync on Windows or macOS to upload to both services in high quality or original quality. As before, items uploaded in high quality won’t count against your account storage quota, and items uploaded using backup and sync in original quality to both services will count only once towards your quota.

Further, any photos or videos from Drive in Photos that you have uploaded prior to this change will remain in Photos. If you have a ‘Google Photos’ folder in Drive, it will remain in Drive, but will no longer update automatically.

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