Google Pixel 4 to get eye detection feature in Face Unlock

By Xite - October 22, 2019
Google has announced that it will roll out a fix to the issue related to Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL’s Face Unlock biometric feature in the coming months. Currently, the feature can unlock the phone even....

There has been a lot of controversy since it was found that Google’s latest devices, the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL’s Face Unlock feature is buggy. According to the reports making rounds on the internet, Pixel 4 devices’ biometric feature can unlock the phone even if the user’s eyes are closed. This means that anybody could unlock your phone when you’re sound asleep and access your private content. In the wake of this uproar, Google has said that it would roll out a fix for the bug ‘in the coming months.’

‘We’ve been working on an option for users to require their eyes to be open to unlock the phone, which will be delivered in a software update in the coming months. In the meantime, if any Pixel 4 users are concerned that someone may take their phone and try to unlock it while their eyes are closed, they can activate a security feature that requires a pin, pattern or password for the next unlock. Pixel 4 face unlock meets the security requirements as a strong biometric, and can be used for payments and app authentication, including banking apps. It is resilient against invalid unlock attempts via other means, like with masks,’ Google said in a statement.

iPhones with Face ID Biometric let users toggle the ‘Require Attention for Face ID’ switch so that the TrueDepth camera verifies that the user is looking at the iPhone before unlocking. Pixel 4 does not have such a setting that’ll ensure that the user’s eyes are open when unlocking the phone. Google has been promoting its Face Unlock feature as the fastest on a smartphone. We cannot confirm this because Pixel 4 isn’t launching in India.

This is not the only news surrounding the Pixel 4. Pixel smartphone fans in India were left dumbstruck after Google announced that the company will not launch the phones in the country. This is because the phone’s Soli radar chip, which facilitates Motion Sense feature, won’t work in India. Google may launch the Pixel 4a in India next year.

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