Google redesigns mobile Search page

By Xite - May 23, 2019
The new visual design now allows users to know te original source from where the information is coming from that you are looking. Google is also putting ads in the front and centre.

Google Search is used by almost everyone to quickly find information they’re looking for. And over the past few years, the amount and format of information available on the web has also changed drastically — now including images and video, 3D objects that you can now view in AR.

And in the continuous effort to improve search, Google today announced a visual refresh of the mobile search results page to help you through the information available on the web easily. Google is now putting the website’s branding in the front and centre, to help you know the original source from where the information is coming and what pages have that information you are looking for.

The name of the website and its icon appear at the top of the results card to help anchor each result, so you can more easily scan the page of results and decide what to explore next. Site owners can learn more about how to choose their preferred icon for organic listings here.

Now if you search for a product, Google will show you a bolded ad label at the top of the card alongside the web address so you can quickly identify where the information is coming from.

Google will continue to make new content formats and useful actions available, from buying movie tickets to playing podcasts, this new visual design allows the search giant to add more action buttons and helpful previews to search results cards, all while giving you a better sense of the web page’s content with clear attribution back to the source.

The new design will be rolled out to mobile first over the next few days. 

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