Google Stadia gaming platform to launch later this year

By Xite - March 22, 2019
Google Stadia will work like Netflix. Instead of movies, Stadia will store a game-playing session in the cloud and will allow games to use it across devices operating on Google’s Chrome browser and....

For 20 years, Google has worked to put instant delivery of almost any information made possible from their data centres and network capabilities right at your fingertips, and the search giant is using that technology to change how you access and enjoy video games.

Stadia is a new video game platform, delivering instant access to your favourite games on any type of screen be it a TV, laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

‘Our goal is to make those games available in resolutions up to 4K and 60 frames per second with HDR and surround sound. We’ll be launching later this year in select countries including the U.S., Canada, UK and much of Europe,’ the company said.

In Stadia, Google has worked to converge two distinct worlds: people who play video games and people who love watching them. Stadia will lift restrictions on the games we create and play and the communities who enjoy them.

Using globally connected network of Google data centres, Stadia will free players from the limitations of traditional consoles and PCs.

When players use Stadia, they'll be able to access their games at all times, and on virtually any screen. And developers will have access to nearly unlimited resources to create the games they’ve always dreamed of. Stadia combines server class GPU, CPU, memory and storage, and with the power of Google’s data centre infrastructure, the gaming platform can evolve as quickly as the imagination of game creators.

In a world where there are more than 200 million people watching game-related content daily on YouTube, Stadia makes many of those games playable with the press of a button. If you watch one of your favourite creators playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, simply click the “play now” button. Seconds later, you’ll be running around ancient Greece in your own game/on your own adventure, no downloads, no updates, no patches and no installs.

‘When we designed the Stadia controller, we listened to gamers about what they wanted in a controller. First, we made sure to develop a direct connection from Stadia controller to our data centre through Wi-Fi for the best possible gaming performance. The controller also includes a button for instant capture, saving and sharing gameplay in up to 4k of stunning resolution. And it comes equipped with a Google Assistant button and built-in microphone,’ said Google.

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