Google to shut down Inbox by April 2019

By Xite - March 25, 2019
Google has started sending a notice to Inbox users informing them about the shutdown. The company had announced in September last year that it would end services on Inbox by April 2019.

Search giant Google will stop supporting Inbox, a popular mobile email app. Last year, Google started sending notifications to users informing that the mail app would stop working by April 2, 2019.

‘This app will be going away in 15/14/13 days. You can find your favourite Inbox features in the Gmail app. Your messages are already waiting for you,’ reads the Google notification message.

Inbox was introduced as a playground for new features before making them live to Gmail. Few features such as Snooze, Smart Reply, inline attachments, connected tasks, Google Keep integration, were first tested on Inbox, and were later added to Gmail.

The mobile app also tested a feature Smart Compose that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to compose a mail.

The company is also shutting down Google Plus on the same day as many users still stick to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Google failed to gain more users and monetise the social media platform.

While Google is shutting two of its services, the search giant is now planning to enter in the gaming industry. Google will launch its new game streaming device called Stadia at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC).

Although Google has been long present in the mobile gaming, however, this game streaming device will put the company in competition with Steam, Epic Games store, Sony and Microsoft. The gaming device will work similar to Netflix. Games will run on cloud servers and will be streamed directly to users’ TVs, tablets or on PCs. 

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