Google Translate now lets you transcribe in real time in 8 languages

By Xite - March 19, 2020
Google has rolled out a live transcribe feature on the Google Translate app for Android, which allows users that don't have a common language between them to get a live transcription of a foreign lang....

The Android app of Google Translate in a new update is getting a live transcribe feature that allows you to transcribe foreign language speech as it’s happening. The feature will be rolled out in the next few days with support for any combination of the following eight languages including English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Google Transcribe

If you haven’t received the feature, make you have the latest version of the Google Translate app on Android. If you have it, tap on the ‘Transcribe’ icon from the home screen and select the source and target languages from the language dropdown at the top. If you want to pause or restart the transcription, you can do it by tapping on the mic icon. You also can see the original transcript, change the text size or choose a dark theme in the settings menu.

Google Transcribe

We’ll continue to make speech translations available in a variety of situations, Google said adding that the transcribe feature will work best in a quiet environment with one person speaking at a time.

The real time transcribing feature will be useful in situations such as during a foreign language conferences or while conversing with someone without a common language.

In February, Google Translate added support for five new languages – Odia, Kinyarwanda, Tatar, Turkmen, and Uyghur. The total number of languages supported by Google Translate is now 108. Odia is spoken in the Indian state of Odisha.

Millions of people worldwide use the Google Translate app to translate one language to another, which makes it easier for them to communicate with others and to translate written content. The product also works offline.

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